Finance & Accounting Staffing

Finance & Accounting Staffing/ Placement (Temps and Perm)


Feussi & Moza LLP understand how critical the finance and accounting functions, are to the success of every business. Our specialized and talented recruiters are committed to connecting our clients with finance and accounting talents across all industries. They will make every clients’ life easier by engaging the talents they need and when they need it. Think about the benefits you will get, when you spent less time finding the right candidates, thus less budget strain when an employee fails to meet with your company demands.


Regardless of industry, when it comes to your business, your success comes down to the bottom line. Thus important that you keep financial records in order in preparation for growth and challenges. Our skilled candidates range from, finance/accounting consultants, financial analyst, accounts payable & accounts receivable professionals, collections professionals and more. We partner with every client and each candidate to ensure that a placement relationship is acceptable by all.

With limited financial staff, regular financial closings (Monthly, Quarterly or Year-End) can be delayed or lack the talents and professionalism most companies yearn for. This is where we step in; by providing the highly-experienced finance professionals, either working under our supervision (CPAs) or yours, to assist with both financial closings and other reporting requirements. For more related services offered, see “Bookkeeping Services