Other Services

Other Services (Small business Startup, Not-for-Profit)

Feussi & Moza LLP, professionals understand that there are distinct requirements for every Not-for-profit organization. We specialized in delivering quality accounting and tax services to different Not-for-Profit organizations; including charities, foundations, health and welfare organizations, educational institutions, religious organizations, and trade and professional associations. We have periodic specialized professional training programs, which ensures our staff stays current on issues that affect the Not-for-Profit organizations industries. We will consistently ensure that delivering value to clients remain top priority on our agenda.

Tax-Exempt Status

With the increased challenges face nowadays by, Not-for-Profit and tax-exempt organizations to comply with the increasingly complex tax rules and regulations; we are here to make the burden lighter. We do assist our clients with more than just filing their annual Form 990, we help them prepare for the entire process.

Applying for tax-exempt status can sometimes be complicated and fraught with delays. We are here to make sure the process is as timely and efficient as possible.

Our goal is for the IRS to recognize your organization’s exemption upon first time submittal of your application.  We handle the logistics so you can focus your energy on your core activities . Our team works with budding organizations that are seeking to be recognized as tax-exempt.  As mentioned above, we work with educators, scientists, community activists, and business leaders who want to make a positive change in their community. This can be through art or culture, a business league, education, youth leadership, research support or economic growth. Whatever your situation, our professionals can help you take that next step. We are experienced and passionate about helping our clients live their dream.

Not-for-Profit Merger Consultation

Feussi & Moza LLP, provides consultation and planning for formations, mergers, joint ventures and liquidations of not-for-profit organizations.

Our team of professionals works with clients that have new opportunities for additional revenue streams. We provide assistance for circumstances including:

  • Meeting requirements for a new grantor or government agency providing funding
  • strategizing for liabilities protection
  • Establishing a charitable foundation or educational foundation for scholarships
  • Partnering in joint ventures with a for-profit
  • Planning for a merger