Tax Representation

Tax Representation (IRS and States Agencies)

Dealing with the IRS (Internal Revenue Services) or any other States can be a Rollo coaster, that’s why Feussi & Moza LLP, your trusted partner & CPAs will take that burden off your shoulders to help you focus on your business or your job and will fight for you to either reduce what you owe to the IRS or cancel your tax liabilities altogether.

We assist you during the IRS or State Agency Tax Audit, represent you in court, or offer expert Tax opinions to support your tax positions to minimize or cancel the levied Tax liabilities on your personal and business activities. Whether you are responding to a letter from the IRS, facing a wage garnishment by the IRS or any of the 50 States Tax Agencies, or want to be represented in court because the IRS or another Tax Agency sued you, we are here to help.

Online and in our offices, always available for your business!

Feussi & Moza LLP is proud to maintain a high-performance culture, one that’s defined by having the best people, with the skills and a track record of delivering beyond our client and business partner’s expectations. Our consultants are diverse, insightful, astute forward-thinking professionals who put into action their strategic, confident, globally minded, out-of-the-box thinking mindset to deliver results.

Contact us today at 609 337 3005 or to understand why our clients trust our insights and guidance to help with all the tax problems they face on their personal or business tax returns. We fight for you before the IRS and Tax Court so you can only pay what you legally owe, and work diligently with you to correct your tax returns for full compliance with the law for a lasting peace of mind.

Our Tax professionals work with many of the world’s leading organizations enabling them to innovate and expand, optimize their tax payments and improve compliance. You can count on our sheer grit, determination, and expertise to get the job done the right way.

We are here to help! Contact us today at 609 337 3005 or